Piola Footwear

Piola was founded by four friends with a passion for development economics and socially conscious quality footwear.

Made in Portugal, Piola utilizes premium materials like Italian Nappa leather, organic cotton from Southern Peru, and wild rubber from the Amazon rain forest, culminating in a streamlined collection with a keen sense of minimal sophistication.

What makes Piola truly unique is their commitment to keeping economic development ingrained in their company ethos. Working with the UN and WWF, Piola has created a development platform to connect its consumers directly with the workers in Peruvian production shops—every pair has a 4 dollar donation built into the purchase price that can go towards the development project of your choice. Simply head to www.piola.fr and enter the alphanumeric code found on the donation card in the box to fund one of several development projects financing local Peruvian workers.

The Piola Spring collection will be available Friday, April 15th in store at our Lower East Side location and online—shop.extrabutterny.com.

Modeled by @colin_alexander